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The avoidance of work is one of the best indicators of a decayed state on the part of a personality. (An aberrated personality is one which is characterized or influenced by departure from rational thought or behavior.) There are two common denominators to all aberrated personalities: One of these is a horror of work and the other is a horror of pain. People only mildly out of present time, which is to say, people who are categorized as “sane,” have already started to apologize about work, in that they work toward an end reward and no longer consider that the output of effort itself and the accomplishment of things is sufficient reward in itself. Thus, the whole network of gratitude or admiration as necessary pay for energy put forth. The parental demand for gratitude is often reflected in a severely aberrated person who is given to feel he can never repay the enormous favors conferred on him by being worked for by his parents. Actually, they need not to be paid; for, flatly, if it was not sufficient reward to do the work of raising him, they are beyond being paid; in other words, they could not accept pay.

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